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Mission & Vision

Museum Hue advances the viability and visibility of people of color using arts, culture and museums, as a medium for discussion, creation, and solutions. We creatively engage all people around Culture, Community & Careers. Our community of practice is growing, learning, reflecting a changing culture with inter-sectional ideas around diversity, heritage, education, design, social awareness and beyond.


Museum Hue, an organization that works to increase diversity in patrons, professionals, and cultural producers in the creative economy, recognizes the absence of diversity and inclusion in cultural enclaves. We use our presence and voice to counter this reality, foster agency, and write new narratives for people of color in culture.





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Monica O. Montgomery is a cultural entrepreneur, curating media, museums and memory to enhance creative inspiration. She believes museums should be in service to society, and is the Founding Director of the Museum of Impact the world’s first mobile social justice museum. She leads MOI in working within communities to amplify grassroots movements and social issues, at the intersection of art and activism. Museum of Impact is currently traveling across the country with the inaugural exhibit ‘Movement Is Rising: Journey of #BlackLivesMatter’ and collecting oral histories and stories via the Activist Love Letters™ project. Monica is the Co founder and Strategic Director of Museum Hue a platform advancing the visibility and viability of professionals of color, in museums, arts, culture and creative careers.


Stephanie Cunningham is a Cultural Ambassador and Art Educator. She has worked at several reputable cultural institutions in New York City, such as the Brooklyn Museum, Studio Museum in Harlem, and the New-York Historical Society. As a Museum Educator she taught grades K-12 and college lectures using the museum’s permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. As Co Founder and Creative Director of Museum Hue, she works to advance the visibility and viability of people of color, utilizing museums, the arts and cultural institutions, as a medium for discussion, creation, and solutions. Stephanie believes that art and history captures the essence of the complexities of the world around us.